rawr111 (rawr111) wrote in lose_40_pounds,

Freaken craaaazy

Hey everyone, gonna start a liquid fast tomorrow. Off work, thank god, since i work at Dominos, lol
Got exams this week =[
Does anyone have general fasting tips that work fo them
I might have one really healthy meal a day until my school exams are over, or just the 3 days i have them.

Tips! Please.

And good luck to everyone!

Ohhhh and i've already lost 18lbs! FXCK yeah!
Another 17 to go!

Need your help tho!
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i was going to do the lemonade diet. U wanna do it at the same time for moral support....
Ummmm, What is it exactly? I've heard about it but dunno heaps...

Hope not to personal, but can i ask your person stats, and where do you live etc?
the best fastin tips i know are just stay busy; take on an extra fews chores, tell your friends you'll go out, go to work earlly and stay late... and take some caffiene pills or something, you will literally forget about food and forget your even on a fast, you'll jsuwt fast naturally because your so busy