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new member in the house =)

I want to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year!

5'2 (156-157cm)

HW: 175 lbs
CW: 143 lbs
GW: 99 lbs

I lost 27 pounds in 49 days by healthy eating but with a very sedentary lifestyle.

I'm Miss Invisible, no one gives a fuck about me. I want people to know I'm alive. They'll start noticing me when I get down 40 lbs.

Tips? Secrets? etc?

I'd love a fasting buddy, please reply to this thread if you're interested <3

stay strong ladies, and let's lose the remaining 40 lbs!
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October 20 2008, 12:13:06 UTC 8 years ago

That's great progress already!!! It seems like you could stay with that and just add some cardio (like run/walk intervals) and be good to go!! I'm 5'3" and fluctuating between 142-138, right now I am trying the master cleanse but yesterday I had a real hard time with it.
Hey :)

I have plenty of tricks and secrets to share with ya!
I will be your fasting buddy :) AIM Msn? Email? you pick.
Here are my stats:

H: 5'4"
HW: 140
UGW: 80

what tricks?!
On how to lose it really fast ;) xx
LOL no!!
tips on how to lose weight REALLY fast..6-10 pounds a week.xx
oooooh i need those tips! <3
do u have msn or AIM? :)
i do!!!
Hey!.. new around here. O please share those tips with me too. I'm lookin for a buddy,


8 years ago


i only have e-mail.

hope to hear from u!
emailed u :)

Deleted comment

Of course love ^^
i just emailed u!!
think you might be able to e-mail them to me too? :)
i need all the help i can get
add me. im on msn messenger. i'd love to hear your ideas and tips and chat anytime!


November 3 2008, 18:48:25 UTC 8 years ago

could you give them to me as well. im not a user yet just watching. i am already taking diet pills and fasting, but its not going away fast enough.
I am in just the same situation, i need a fasting buddy!
Her are my stats


HW: 160 lbs
CW: 140 lbs
GW: 80 lbs

I need to get to my goal weight but xmas. It will happen. I have jst finished a 7 day fast which made me lose around 8 pounds bt i am now on the ABC diet thing which is amaxing as family and friends are starting to become a bit fusssy about what i'm eating cos it focuses on your metabolic system to make you loose even more than fasting. I love it, im on my 5 day now and i have lost some weight. Luckiely i can't bare watching other peopl eat so jst watching my friends puts me off for life. I jst had a some veg 2day which adds up 2 my 200calories allowence. I hated it but forced it dowm. I hate being fat and feel so unimportant.

Wn i go out on the poll i dnt regularly get guys and i think its cos i lack the self confidence cos of my body. This had to change as i'm 18 and go out all of them time. The weight jst has to go.

would lov to keep in contact.

Good luck
thank you for the comments.

here's a question.. how do we post progress etcetera? and all the other ensalada? do we remain in this thread? do we have a weekly or a bi-weekly weigh in?

how can we properly organize this? this is great! more motivation etcetera. This morning I was actually down 140 lbs.. but I had a feast today since I celebrated my sister's return from overseas.

I am back at 143 pounds.

I am planning to start a strict weight loss regime that allows me to eat only once every 24 hours, and in addition, is less than 500 calories. I'm planning to eat like this until the end of October.

Support, motivation, tips?

can you send me a link to the diet you're talking about skinny? i might try that out for a while.

anyway.. good luck fellow losers! more power to us all!
you and i have similar stats...

CW: 141
GW:110 (or less LOL)

Height: 5"3

I have been eating under 500 calories for a week and lost 8lbs so far!
Today i fasted and plan on fasting for the rest of this week. gotta look good in my halloween costume!!!

I'm a 43 year old. Have been bul/anx for over 20 years. Heaviest 220 least 115. Current 150!! Metabolism has SHUT down. Can't lose anything. Can someone give me a tip? I'm sure there is not many "old ladies" here!
share the secrets!
add me on
(: x
Im new here, Im 22yrs old, 5ft6 and an embarrassing 124 pounds :( I have a small frame so the fat really shows on me, I hate my tyres, everyone says im slim but they are clearly lying as I can see the fat thru my clothes!

Really sad at mo, I really would like some help, could anyone give me any tips to get me started as I have been really down lately after being made redundant and in 2 weeks i put on 10 pounds by binge eating :( wish i could make my self throw up, keep trying just wont seem to work ! feel so crap and guilty after stuffing my fat face full of food...